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2017 CSA Veggie Box in Kitsilano

2017 CSA Veggie Box grown in Kitsilano and Dunbar!

We are flexible with our veggie box delivery and offer 4 ‘anytime’ boxes for 150$.


Frisch Farms Delivery Zone 2017

We will provide a reusable shopping bag for your veggies.

The CSA veggie box can be redeemed anytime from March-October (depending on weather). This is more flexible for customers.   If you would like more than 4, then you can simply purchase another 4 box CSA share anytime.
We harvest and deliver veggies that are fresh in season and range from salad greens, tomatoes, select fruit, legumes, squashes, herbs etc. If you like more portions of one veggie, then that is possible too, just let us know.
Most CSA members just send a text message a few days before delivery date with some time options. Then we head to the gardens and pick what is freshest and then deliver within 30 mins on bicycle. You will receive a text message confirming delivery # and a list of the veggies for your convenience. Recipes for different dishes are also included with delivery!
If you want to directly impact your community, then this is the best way. Eat real local.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.
Gabriel  – Urban Farmer – Frisch Farms Vancouver
604-785-6463 Direct Line 7am-11pm

Hyper-Local Urban Farming in Vancouver with Frisch Farms

Frisch Farms is committed to hyper-local farming – defined as vegetables grown, harvested and enjoyed within a 3 km radius of the headquarters in Shaughnessy on 16th in Vancouver, Canada.

When you support a hyper-local farm like Frisch Farms through the CSA share program you can enjoy nutritionally rich and amazingly fresh vegetables on a weekly basis throughout the summer.
Get in touch with us to learn more about the 2013 CSA share season. The hyper-local farming model is sustainable for the long-term future and practically eliminates any carbon footprint during the food production process from seed to harvest. This also saves thousands of litres of water and gasoline in the process and is in line with the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan set in motion by the City of Vancouver.  I want your support!

Hyper-local is what Frisch Farms is all about.
Your garden, your vegetables, my passion.

Frisch Farms is committed to maintaining your edible gardens for optimizing food production while minimizing ecological impact on the city, the country and the planet.  We plan to reduce the total water and gasoline used to grow, harvest and distribute vegetables relative to food production outside of the city.

Frisch Farms is committed to reducing the average “farm-to-plate” distance from 2400 km to 3 km. Our vision is to create a hyper-local and sustainable vegetable garden system that is inter-dependent on the members within the Frisch Farms CSA family. Frisch Farms delivers the vegetables via bicycle to all members as part of the hyper-local strategy.