Restaurant Sales and Pricing

At Frisch Farms, we understand quality and freshness is essential for both taste and nutritional value.
We want to partner with local Vancouver restaurants to offer the best tasting, most nutritionally-rich salad greens possible.  Taste the amazing and share the story.

———-Frisch Farms—–Top Quality—Consistency—Smiling—Always Friendly

– Produce is fresh picked and delivered with 30 minutes of harvest. 30 Minutes!
– Organic growing methods
– Competitive Prices @ $14.00/lb –  (450gram bag) of Frisch Garden Greens
– High Quality Produce in any quantity you need

– Our Frisch Garden Greens include:
17 types of Lettuce
Beet Greens,
Baby swiss chard,
…and more!

Our produce is harvested in the morning and delivered to your restaurant before lunch, and on the plate for the frischest taste enjoyed by your customers.

Delivery: By bicycle. For restaurants, individuals, grocery stores in Kitsilano, Mt. Pleasant, Dunbar, Point Grey area of Vancouver
Minimum Order: 2 lbs
Payment: COD or contact us to establish an account to pay bi-weekly
Wholesale pricing is $9.00/lb

Send email to for more info and to order!


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