2017 Veggie Box (CSA) Membership

What’s a CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

…in other words: Get a veggie box delivered to your house within 30 minutes of harvest!

Supporting your community and personal farmer though the purchase of a weekly vegetable portion grown in your neighbourhood.

Frisch Farms CSA (example of a weekly veggie delivery)  Photo taken August 2013)

Frisch Farms Veggie Box (example of a Large weekly veggie delivery)
Photo taken August 2013
From left to right: Kale, Collards, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Kabocha Squash, Cucumbers, Carrots, Swiss Chard, Kohlrabi tops, Lettuce, Broccoli and Scarlett runner beans.

Getting a veggie box from Frisch Farms benefits include:

  • Hyper local vegetables (grown, processed and harvested within a 3 km radius)
  • Zero carbon footprint from seed to plate (manual labour and e-scooter)
  • Fresh vegetables at your doorstep
  • Know exactly how the food is grown through our blog
  • Connecting with the people growing your food that you consume
  • Supporting the local economy and community
  • Healthy dietary lifestyle and positive energy from all the highly nutritional vegetables

Frisch Farms is committed to provide 8 lucky folks with their own veggie box.

***This is a limited opportunity to become a part the Frisch Farms family and share in the bounty!

Season: The 2017 growing season begins in April and continues into November.

At Frisch Farms we offer a 4 veggie box package for $140 with no full season commitment. This way you can go out of town or get your veggies any time that is convenient for you throughout the season.

Keep it flexible:  You can receive your Veggie Boxes anytime between April-November.\

$150 for 4 veggie boxes.
That is $37.50 per veggie box and delivery is included. Wow!
Payments are accepted in cash and/or cheque or e-transfer. 

– You will receive fresh vegetables delivered to your door any 4 weeks of your choice.
– A share usually contains 5-8 mixed vegetables & herbs each week and is suitable for couples and families. We are generous with portions!
– If you really love vegetables, you may order more shares.
– Communication can often be via text message as a convenience.

You may pay in advance or upon each delivery.
Your payment will assist with the purchase of seeds, farm labour, compost and manual soil preparation to bring you the absolute freshest veggies and greens available.
With your veggie box you will receive hyper-local, fresh, nutritional vegetables grown naturally following organic growing methods!

Our produce can sometimes be featured at Green’s Market at West Broadway and Maple st. in Kitsilano.

Get in touch via cell/phone text 604-785-6463 or email for any questions and to order! Email: frischfarms@gmail.com


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