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Garden Nostalgia – Frisch Farms Vancouver Urban Music Project


Frisch Farms – Urban Farm Logo Art


Here is some hand drawn art for Frisch Farms

Frisch Farms produce goes to market on June 27th!

Enter buzz word:  LOCAL
Enter more jazz: SUSTAINABLE

Frisch Farms is producing and selling actual locally grown food – 100%!” – Gabriel Pliska
Frisch Farms is growing and will deliver all produce without the use of gasoline – actually sustainable!

Tell your friends!

Local is defined as within walking distance: Grown within 3km of the market!
Sustainable is defined as producing all the food without the use of gasoline even for transport. I ride my bicycle!

What Market?  The Westside Community Food Market
When?  Thursday, June 27th, 2013.  3pm-6pm
Where is the market?  West 8th and Vine st. – 2 blocks west of Arbutus st in Kitsilano.

Frisch Farms will be selling hyper-limited vegetables (short supply because I am not a huge company using gasoline!)
The produce will be extremely frisch and will be harvested between 8am-2pm on market day!

Otherwise talk to “SUSTAINABLE PRODUCE URBAN DELIVERY” printed on their large delivery trucks guzzling gas-oh-leen and their claim at sustainability! 😦 Great to always tell the truth!

Hope you can come to support Frisch Farms: actually local and actually sustainable!