Keep it Frisch

Keep it Frisch

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It was in the Spring of 2012 when I moved back to Canada from Germany where I was teaching English and semi-retired…
Then once in Vancouver, I started growing vegetables in some raised garden beds with new roommates in Kitsilano and I remembered how much fun it was to garden with my mother while growing up in Ottawa as a child. I knew gardening was my passion!
Later in 2012, while brainstorming with my brother the idea sprouted –  grow a lot of food and do it in other people’s yards! Without much land for growing in the urban area, I started asking around for yard space close by. I figured I could hustle hard and make my best efforts to sell veggies locally through markets, grocery stores, restaurants and home-delivery.
This is Frisch Farms Vancouver.
As I had lived in Germany for 2.5 years, I thought to have a foreign language word for this new gardening idea.
FRISCH is the German word for FRESH.
Frisch sounds fresher.  Kinda crisp and crunchy like a fresh snap pea.


Frisch Farms is my hyper-local farming initiative in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
My name is Gabriel Pliska and I want to be your friendly farmer.

I grow vegetables in local gardens, ride on my electric scooter and sell the bounty.

  • Connect with your local farmer (me) and support the hyper-local economy
  • Enjoy fresh, nutritious vegetables on a weekly basis
  • Eliminate your carbon footprint for your vegetable consumption to ZERO. The average “farm-to-plate” distance in North America is currently 2400 km
  • Join an exclusive family of Frisch Farm veggie lovers
  • Receive weekly garden updates on the health and growth of your vegetables

Organic, Ingredients are sun and water.

Gabriel from Frisch Farms Vancouver


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