2017 Internships + Volunteer

Frisch Farms Volunteer and Internship Search 2017

Get in touch now! – Email us at frischfarms@gmail.com

Are you interested in learning about gardening, agriculture, urban farming, vegetables, healthy eating, nutrition, Vancouver’s neighbourhoods and nature?

We are seeking energetic, excited and fun-loving individuals who can share a passion for gardening, nature, healthy eating and want to support local sustainable agriculture and urban farming in Vancouver.

As an intern, you will learn and gain valuable life skills as a vegetable gardener alongside other urban farmers in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
We hope to learn a lot from you as well and all your talents should be fostered!
We hope to educate you on:
-Urban farming in Vancouver
-Growing (and eating) delicious vegetables
-Improving your connection with people and the earth!
-Improve your communication and interpersonal skills

Time requirement:
We are seeking interns that can be available 4-8 hours per week throughout February 20-October.
You may also help out from time to time if that suits your schedule!

As an intern your tasks may include:
Getting your hands dirty with soil, sowing seeds, lifting seed trays and some dirt, digging with a hoe or shovel or garden fork, weeding, mixing dirt with hands or small garden tools, harvesting of vegetables (cutting, pulling them out of the ground, packing into boxes), eating delicious vegetables, smiling, enjoying sunshine and wind in your hair.

Send an e-mail to frischfarms@gmail.com

Please get in touch today or refer a friend!


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