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2017 CSA Veggie Boxes 150$ – Kits Grown Veggies

Happy December and the snow is upon us!

Snow is mentioned in the gardening books as white mulch, a nice blanket for the garden overwinter!

2017 Season is coming!!!!

Veggie boxes start 2017 March-November. All veggies grown in Kitsilano and Dunbar areas in Vancouver, BC. Thriving Veggies for your health!

Frisch Farms Vancouver has limited CSA hyper-local Veggie boxes – – – – – –

Price: 150$ for 4 veggie boxes delivered via eco-scooter/bicycle. 

4 veggie boxes are redeemable anytime during the season at your convenience.

We love growing our veggies for you!

ORDER NOW for your 2017 Frisch Farms Veggie Box.

Text/Call Urban Farmer Gabriel 604-785-6463.



Time is short in life so make a move for yourself and take a leap of faith!!! + Veggies are good too!

Underwater Kale…