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Peak Moment TV – Frisch Farms Feature

Peak Moment TV based in California interviews Frisch Farms farmer, Gabriel Pliska.

Latest Frisch Farms Garden Rap song “Garden Nostalgia” audio sneak peek starts at 25:30 into the video.

“I’m not a millionaire but I feel like one,” declares Gabriel Pliska. This Vancouver, B.C. urban farmer gives a tour of a residential front yard garden, including planted boxes in the boulevard strip beside the curb. Several homeowners provide him yard space and water for cultivating veggies, flowers, herbs, wildlife habitat and beauty. They receive beautifully tended gardens all year round (and some produce, too!) Gabriel harvests veggies for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes and sells the surplus at a weekly growers market. Gabriel’s “hyper-local” enterprise is achieved almost entirely on bike. We finish with images of his “guerrilla garden” on an unused railway spur, accompanied by a music track with his lyrics: “Garden Nostalgia.”

I’ll Farm Your Lawn (298)



Hyper Gardening in 2016

It is January, but we are getting hyped-up for the upcoming growing season. With global warming in full potential, is it too early to start tomatoes? HAHA probably still too early!

I am excited for this year!

Salads, sunshine, longer days.

It’s gonna be amazing!