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Hello Sun, Please meet Vancouver!

This sunshine means water your garden!
Get out and enjoy the sunshine!!


Frisch Farms

Frisch Farms

Veggies on the brain!

“The turnips tasted…

“The turnips tasted amazing! Definitely not how I remember turnips!”

Dan, Frisch Farms customer, June 24th, 2013

Frisch Farms produce goes to market on June 27th!

Enter buzz word:  LOCAL
Enter more jazz: SUSTAINABLE

Frisch Farms is producing and selling actual locally grown food – 100%!” – Gabriel Pliska
Frisch Farms is growing and will deliver all produce without the use of gasoline – actually sustainable!

Tell your friends!

Local is defined as within walking distance: Grown within 3km of the market!
Sustainable is defined as producing all the food without the use of gasoline even for transport. I ride my bicycle!

What Market?  The Westside Community Food Market
When?  Thursday, June 27th, 2013.  3pm-6pm
Where is the market?  West 8th and Vine st. – 2 blocks west of Arbutus st in Kitsilano.

Frisch Farms will be selling hyper-limited vegetables (short supply because I am not a huge company using gasoline!)
The produce will be extremely frisch and will be harvested between 8am-2pm on market day!

Otherwise talk to “SUSTAINABLE PRODUCE URBAN DELIVERY” printed on their large delivery trucks guzzling gas-oh-leen and their claim at sustainability! 😦 Great to always tell the truth!

Hope you can come to support Frisch Farms: actually local and actually sustainable!

Let the Rain come! The veggies need it this week.

A wonderful weather themed song by the Beatles. The rain is appreciated and the plants needed it.

Great lyrics:
“Raaaaaaain, I don’t mind”
“I can show you that when it starts to rain, everything’s the same.”

Sustainable Garden Fair

Sustainable Garden Fair

June 8th, 2013 – 10-5pm

Frisch Farms will have a booth set-up for the Sustainable Garden Fair at Strathcona Community Centre (corner of Keefer st. and Princess ave. in Strathcona).
We will be hosting some veggie colouring games, have some seedlings to learn about and featuring some frisch vegetables in ultra-limited quantities.

The fair will host many different workshops related to gardening – free!

Come by and visit!